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FGE investigating Tulum taxi passenger rape allegations

Tulum, Q.R. — State authorities have begun an investigation into rape allegations against a Tulum taxi driver. An investigation was started Sunday after a young woman made a social media post about the December 18 incident.

According to the unnamed victim, the rape happened around 12:30 on the night of December 18. After boarding the taxi alone, she posted online that the diver took her to a secluded area behind a park in La Veleta of Tulum where he sexually and physically assaulted her.

With her decription of the events from the night, she also posted a self-photo of her marked face.

Since her online post, the State Attorney General (FGE) of Quintan Roo has reported an open investigation into the allegations. Since there are no security cameras in the area where the alleged rape took place, no arrests have been made.

In a breif statement, the FGE said “The FGE reports that it opened an investigation derived from the complaint filed by a woman of foreign origin, an alleged victim of events that could constitute the crime of rape, in Tulum.

“The Prosecutor’s Office Specialized in Combating Crimes Against Women and Sexual Crimes is carrying out the corresponding investigations to clarify this event and find the whereabouts of the alleged aggressor.

“This organization reaffirms its commitment to bring before the judicial authority those who commit crimes that threaten the safety of women.”

In her online post, the woman has suggested others not ride alone in taxis and if so, to take a photo of the taxi unit number and driver.