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FGE confirms four city inspectors murdered inside PDC club

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The State Attorney General of Quintana Roo has confirmed four city employees were killed inside a club they were inspecting. On Monday afternoon, Oscar Montes de Oca, who heads the state’s FGE, held a press conference.

During the conference, he explained that on Sunday, 10 arrests were made. Of those arrested were eight men and two women, all of whom, are believed involved in the four murders.

Seven of those arrested will be presented before a judge for the murders since three accepted a deal to inform on the others.

Montes de Oca detailed that the four city inspectors were killed during a work tour of La Cueva, a gay and lesbian nightclub in central Playa del Carmen. He said the four Playa del Carmen city inspectors were abducted while inside the club and killed with bladed weapons by five of those arrested.

The FGE has confirmed the four city inspectors were killed inside La Cueva. Photo: FGE February 13, 2023.

The two woman arrested are believed part of the five responsible for the four killings.

The bodies of the four dead men were placed in the bed of a pickup truck and driven to a residential street in the Ejido region of west Playa del Carmen where they were found early Saturday morning.

Montes de Oca did not provide an official motive for the killings, but did say that those involved in the murders were subjects involved in drug dealing who had taken over the club.

During the press conference in Cancun, Solidaridad Secretary of Public Security, Rubén Oyarvide, pointed out that in Cancun during inspections, the inspectors are escorted by police officers.

In Playa del Carmen, they are not. Tassinari said that in the future, inspection operations will be carried out jointly between city workers and police officers.