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Feds seize 224 kilos of methamphetamine in Sonora

Opodepe, Sonora — As part of security inspections carried out by elements of the Intelligence Division of the Federal Police in coordination with the Secretariat of National Defense, a cargo vehicle was found transporting methamphetamine hydrochloride hidden inside rolls of plastic.

Federal Police made the drug bust at a checkpoint in the municipality of Opodepe, Sonora. According to their press release, a review of the cargo vehicle via X-ray detected inconsistencies. The truck was carrying shipments from various courier and parcel companies.

Upon a second review of the vehicle, an on-site narcotics dog marked the vehicle positive for drugs. A manual inspection led police to the discovery of nine industrial-size rolls of black plastic. Under the black plastic, police found methamphetamine hydrochloride wrapped in plastic bags.

In total, they seized 76 bags of methamphetamine with a total weight of 224 kilos. The shipment was coming from Hermosillo, destined for the city of Tijuana Baja California.