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Eight arrested in police swoop involving multiple Cancun murders

Cancun, Q.R. — Eight people involved in recent Cancun murders have been detained by authorities. The FGE, National Guard and Army captured eight involved in multiple homicides that occurred in the Alfredo V. Bonfil suburb of Cancun.

The arrests were carried out in an operation in follow-up to an investigation for events that occurred on January 29, 2024. Two minors are part of the eight arrested for the murders.

Six adults and two minors were taken into police custody Monday in relation to the discovery of five dismembered bodies inside an abandoned Isla Mujeres taxi on January 29.

Since that finding, a grave with three bodies was located on a property in Superblock 307 in Alfredo V. Bonfil. One of those deceased bodies has been identified.

Five dismembered bodies were found inside an abandoned Isla Mujeres taxi January 29.

The detainees are Cristian “N”, Yobani “N”, Pablo “N”, Raúl “N”, Ernesto Alonso “N” and Rosario “N”, in addition to two minors.

During their arrests, a variety of narcotics (marijuana, cocaine and crack) as well as two firearms and ammo were found. Police also reported seizing two cars, one of which had a current theft report from January 11, as well as the seizure of two motorcycle taxis that were used to transport the mutilated bodies.

The six adults and two minors are being held in relation to “the crime of aggravated homicide in that area to the detriment of more than eight victims,” the FGE reported.

A grave, related to the five dismembered bodies found the day before, was located with three bodies on a construction site.

In their statement, the FGE said the detained are part of a criminal group known for the retail sale of drugs, extortion, homicide and vehicle theft. The Agency also says the group has motorcycle taxi drivers and minors, among other people, dedicated to carrying out surveillance work (hawking) to warn of the presence of police or opposing criminal groups.