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Cozumel mayor reports agreements with Ultramar, Winjet ferry companies

Cozumel, Q.R. — Cozumel mayor Pedro Joaquín Delbouis says positive results were achieved after a meeting with authorities on the regulation of the Cozumel-Playa del Carmen ferry route.

Joaquín Delbouis said a meeting was held between government authorities and both ferry service companies, Ultramar and Winjet. The goal, he noted, was to ensure health protection for both locals and visitors using the ferry services.

He explained that the meeting resulted in several agreements, some of which, have been problematic for months. By the end of the day, the Cozumel mayor said that both ferry companies agreed to have an extra boat on hand to tend to peak hours to avoid stranding passengers.

They have also agreeed that there will be close coordination between the ferry companies and Solidaridad authorities to regulate trade and service providers, and thereby, reduce the concentration of people at the Navega dock.

The companies have also agreed to reinforce the health protocols before, during and after the crossing, verifying that the use of face masks, application of antibacterial gel and healthy distance is observed.

Joaquín Delbouis added that since the crossings are considered an essential service and is regulated by the Federal Government through the Ministry of Communications and Transportation, the vessels have failed to consider a passenger limit, however, both federal bodies (Apiqroo and Navega) have committed to a passenger count, ensuring the ferries do not exceed the maximum capacity of 75 percent in each vessel.

“I want to emphasize that thanks to the management and constant dialogue of the Cozumel City Council with the ferry companies, the crossings were increased to ten. Ultramar already has three vessels on the island and Winjet, two,” he said adding that during the recent holiday period, approximately 10,000 people a day used the crossing service.

Last month, the Ultramar ferry company was fined for violating health protocols with the overcrowding of passengers on its boats. Concerns were also raised with the images of hundreds of people crowded in the terminals waiting to use the service.