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Cozumel approves banning of animal-driven vehicles

Cozumel, Q.R. — Cozumel mayor Pedro Joaquín Delbouis has approved an initiative to prohibit the circulation of animal-drawn vehicles on paved Cozumel roads. The announcement was made after a city council meeting.

“Part of these changes have been stipulated for six years, a considerable period for the municipalities to adapt ourselves legally, but above all, so that the providers of this service have employment options in the face of the ban on buggies,” explained Joaquín Delbouis.

He said the initiative considers that owners of the horses provide dignified treatment and, in the event of not being able to take care of them, find another alternative so they animals are not killed.

Lenin Caamal González, Legal Director of the City Council stated that the issue of buggies is not considered in the definition made by the Mobility Law of the State Government, therefore, its repeal of the Transportation Regulations of the Municipality of Cozumel is only homologated with the laws of the state.

In July of last year, a proposal to replace the horse and carriage with old-tyme motorized cars was made. The idea was similar to that used by the government of Guadalajara where they provided the vehicles in exchange for the horses.