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City of Cancun records a 25 percent increase in construction permit requests

Cancun, Q.R. — The city of Cancun has issued more than 2,700 construction licenses already this year, an increase of 25 percent from 2019. According to Armando Lara De Nigris, the Secretary of Ecology and Urban Development, he says the city continues to see an increase in the demand.

Lara De Nigris says the demand reflects a true economic reactivation, at least in the construction and real estate industry, which is the second most important in the city.

“What it tells us is that this year (…) the economic growth continues and the expectation is the same, that it will continue in this growth range,” he said.

He added that the development of Cancun is concentrating on superblocks 200 and 300 and because of this, the applications are mostly for construction licenses for condominium and housing projects.

He added that the Urban Development Program published in 2019 is very clear in stating that the growth of the city must occur vertically to avoid densification as the city growth increases.