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Chiquila residents again left without CFE services

Chiquila, Q.R. — Angry residents in the Port of Chiquila are again voicing frustrations with the ongoing CFE power cuts. On Wednesday, residents threatened to retain the company’s vehicles and those inside them until the problem is solved.

José Luis Marcial Toto, a former councilor of Chiquila, said the blackouts have started again. He said that in recent weeks, they suffered several blackouts and then again Tuesday night, another unannounced power cut.

As a result of this latest power failure, residents took to blocking the Port of Chiquila, but later chose to detain the CFE personnel on board their units.

It wasn’t until around midnight that power was restored to residents who were left without electricity during one of the hottest times of the year. Marcial Toto said it is only a matter of time before another power failure happens.

On repeated occasions, municipal authorities who have spoken with CFE superintendent José Luis Verde, were deceived. According to Marcial Toto, Chiquila residents were assured that work would be done to improve the service.

CFE power outages affect not only electricity, but also water supplies into homes and businesses since electric pumps reply on electricity to move the water through the public line system.