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Chiapas police take down two extortionists impersonating officers

Tapachula, Chiapas — Two subjects posing as police officers have been arrested by the Chiapas Prosecutor’s Office in the municipality of Tapachula.

The Fiscalía de Distrito Fronterizo Costa says they arrested Iván N and Brandon N shortly after extorting a victim.

According to their report, the subjects were posing as elements of the Prosecutor’s Office and extorting city center merchants. At the time of their arrest, they were on board a Volkswagen vehicle with apocryphal identification and uniforms.

Upon review, they were found in possession of 9,500 peso that was obtained from one of the victims. Police also took the cell phone they say, was used in an extortion in the municipality of Huixtla.

The duo are being charged with the crime of extortion, usurpation of public or professional functions and improper use of decorations, uniforms and badges belonging to la Fiscalía.