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Chetumal police capture two in kidnapping and murder of Chetumal man

Chetumal, Q.R. — Two men have been taken into custody for the recent murder of a Chetumal man. On Sunday, the State Attorney General’s Office announced the arrests of Ángel “C” and Antonio “M”.

The pair were detained on outstanding arrest warrants for the March 19 murder of a Chetumal man from outside his home.

According to the FGE, the defendants arrived at the man’s home on the morning of March 19 as he finished arranging things inside his car.

“The defendants arrived aboard another unit and after descending, possibly made use of of physical violence against the victim in addition to pointing a firearm at him and searching him. Finally, they managed to get him into their car, taking him to an unknown destination to later deprive him of his life leaving his body on a dirt road at the end of a busy avenue in Chetumal.”

The body of the man, who has been identified as Cipriano Torres López, was found two days later. He had been shot and left on a dirt road of Erick Paolo Martínez Avenue in Chetumal.