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Police locate body of recently kidnapped Chetumal man

Chetumal, Q.R. — The body of Cipriano Torres López, the Chetumal man who was abducted from his home Sunday, has been found. On Tuesday night, police responded to the report of a bagged body located on a dirt road around 9:30 p.m.

On Wednesday, the body was identified as that of the recently abducted man. He was found on a dirt road at the end of Erick Paolo Martínez Avenue in Chetumal.

On Tuesday afternoon, his wife Eunice met with Governor Mara Lezama who she asked for help in locating her husband who was kidnapped from the front door of his home March 19.

During their videoed conversation, Eunice told Lezama that they had been the target of extortion threats in the past and that on one occasion, they left the country after a failed kidnapping attempt of her husband, but eventually returned.

Torres López was a 20-year resident of the area who provided fishing tours.

After the report of the discovery of his body Wednesday, Chetumal businessmen wrote a letter to state officials demanding security improvements given recent and ongoing events in both Chetumal and Bacalar.

Business and citizen organizations from Chetumal and Riviera Maya called on the municipal, state and federal government to improve intelligence and security after a recent string of kidnappings and murders in Chetumal and Bacalar.

Through a statement, the business organizations expressed their concern regarding the recent criminal acts in the southern zone, particularly those of Bacalar and Chetumal “which rob us of the peace and tranquility characteristic of this region.”

“We trust that none of these acts will go unpunished, pending the actions of the authorities,” they said.