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Chetumal car left under coconuts after hitting base of palm tree

Chetumal, Q.R. — The driver of a car and two minors were treated at a Chetumal crash site that involved their vehicle and a palm tree. Coconuts littered the top of the car and surrounding ground area after the car slammed into its base.

The impact was hard enough to have broken the multi-meter tall tree in two, causing it to collapse. The crash impact along with the felling of the tree destroyed the private vehicle.

The accident was reported at the intersection of Constituciónntes Avenue and Aruba Street. Chetumal emergency responders arrived at the site early Thursday morning to find a female driver and two minors inside the tree and coconut covered car.

The car was destroyed after hitting a large coconut tree that then fell on it. Photo: January 25, 2024.

The driver allegedly lost control due to the wet pavement causing her vehicle to climb onto the median where it collided with the palm tree. Paramedics from the Fire Medical Unit arrived at the scene where they provided first aid to all three before a hospital transfer.