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Cartel leader wanted in Mexico and the United States arrested in Bacalar

Bacalar, Q.R. — One of the leaders of the Guerreros Unidos Cartel, identified as Edgar P.C., was captured in Bacalar for possession of cocaine. However, upon verifying his identity, Ministerial Police discovered that he was wanted by the DEA for drug trafficking to the United States.

The capture was carried out by elements of the Fiscalía General del Estado and National Guard after he attempted to evade agents patrolling the area. According to their investigation, Edgar P.C. is alleged responsible for the importation and distribution of large quantities of cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine in various areas of the United States including Houston, Texas, Atlanta, Georgia and Chicago.

Preliminary information reports that Edgar P.C. has been sought by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) since September 2016. He has been identified as a leader within the Guerreros Unidos Cartel, a criminal organization that began operations in 2011 in the Mexican states of Morelos and Guerrero.

Their investigations also indicates that this drug trafficking group has an alliance with the Cártel Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG). Under heavy guard, Edgar P.C. was arrested and handed over to Interpol.