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Capella reports murdered inspector knew his killers

Chetumal, Q.R. — In a press conference, the Ministry of Public Security for the state, Alberto Capella Ibarra, reported that of the 15 organized crime groups operating in Quintana Roo, seven are international criminal groups known for money laundering, trafficking and other high-impact crimes.

He says several of the cells have been “decapitated” with intelligence work from the navy, army and international security authorities, adding that their coordinated efforts have resulted in the assurance of several criminal group leaders, “the most wanted”, as well as weapons used for criminal acts.

He said that in a few days, details about the criminal groups operating in the state will be released.

The criminal gang comments came after the death of Playa del Carmen Inspector, Archi Yama, who was captured and found killed by a criminal group in Cancun. Capella says that there is no evidence that the criminal group Los Rojos operates in Quintana Roo, clarifying that Archi Yama, in a bid to save his life, was forced by his captures to say things on video before he was killed.

He attributed the dissemination of those videos to either Los Bonfiles or Cartel de Cancún as those responsible for the death of the inspector and the false message they spread, adding that those criminals “were protected during the time of the previous six years of Governor Borge.”

Accompanied by state and municipal authorities, the Secretary of Public Security of Quintana Roo, Jesús Alberto Capella Ibarra, condemned the murder of the State Police Inspector, José Luis Archi Yama, revealing that he had been a driver of former governor Roberto Borge Angulo and that those who kidnapped him were his acquaintances.

During the press conference, Capella said that “The investigations that this institution is carrying out together with the State Attorney General’s Office have shown that our partner (Archi Yama) allegedly had six properties whose real ownership was that of the former governor of the state.”

He stated that to date, their investigation has revealed that the kidnapping of Archi Yama was not a violent event, adding that he was taken by people known to him. Capella says that he was killed by a local cartel.

“Our institution is very hurt by this fact, but very determined to continue bravely facing the criminal groups that operate in the entity,” he said.

He added that any one who messes with a Quintana Roo police officer messes with more than 5,000 elements of the state.

Last week, the body of the missing Playa del Carmen inspector was found in a suburb of Cancun. The inspector had been missing for several days, failing to arrive home to Cancun after a work shift in Playa del Carmen.