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Cancun residents relocate boa found coiled under truck

Cancun, Q.R. — A large two meter long boa has been released into Cancun jungle after being found under a vehicle. The two-and-a-half meter long snake was found by residents in SM 251 Tuesday morning.

Area resident of Paseos del Mar found the large snake coiled under a truck on San Pedro Street. Although the snake quickly ventured off, it was spotted for a second time in the same residential suburb.

Area residents reported the snake sighting to 9-1-1 to have authorities remove the reptile, but after a now-show, two men captured the snake instead.

The snake eventually slithered away into the jungle. Photo: Feb. 13, 2024.

The large snake was relocated to area jungle behind the residential suburb. Residents watched as it slithered through garbage and made made its way into the treed area.

A large boa was relocated by area residents Tuesday. Photo: Feb 13, 2024.

Lucelly Ramos Montejo, the Directora de Gestión Ambiental y Cambio Climático, says snakes are a normal seasonal issue in these parts. She says it is common for them in heavy rains to move from the jungle to the edge of suburbs.

She says a clean yard, especially for those living next to open green areas, is one way to keep them away.