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Cancun residents post their own criminal warning signs

Cancun, Q.R. — Residents in areas of Cancun that have been hardest hit by the ongoing criminal activity are fighting back with neighborhood watches and warning signs.

Several residential subdivisions of the city have posted signs on their homes and at the entrances of their communities warning criminals that a neighborhood watch exists and if caught, there will be consequences.

The warning signs, which read “Stop Delinquents. This is a zone of organized neighbors. We will grab you and lynch” and “Chacah Street protected by vigilant neighbors. Watch out. We are watching you. If we grab you, you get the consequences” have been seen posted in Barrio Maya, Tierra Maya, Villas Otoch Paraíso, Paseos del Maro and Prado Norte by angered Cancun residents who have continued to face criminal violence and robberies despite police efforts.