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Cancun police detain five for drug offences

Cancun, Q.R. — In two separate arrests, police in Cancun have taken five youths in custody after they were found in possession of drugs and ammunition.

The first of the arrests was reported by police in SM 226 when police stopped a vehicle after the driver ran a red light. An inspection of the vehicle and its occupants lead to the discovery of 11 bags of marijuana and eight bags of crack cocaine.

Detained were 26-year-old Miguel N, 18-year-old Perla N and 28-year-old Jorge N.

Police reported the arrest of a male and female in the city’s center after they were also found in possession of drugs.

In a information release, Cancun police say that 30-year-old Félix N and 20-year-old Estefany N were arrested in SM 10 after attempting to evade police while driving in a white Honda. When inspected, police found 32 bags of marijuana and ammunition.