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Cancun police arrest 4 for carrying prohibited weapon

Cancun, Q.R. — Cancun police officers report detaining four individuals after they ran a red light at a traffic intersection.

In the police report, they say authorities pulled the vehicle over in SM 526 of Cancun after seeing them run the light. An inspection of the Quintana Roo-plated vehicle revealed a knife of approximately 30 centimeters, a machete, a chisel, a flat-blade screwdriver and tweezers in the driver’s side door.

Police say that from SM 526, four people who were identified as 48-year-old Jose N, 19-year-old Humberto N, 38-year-old Elmer N and 45-year-old Armando N were arrested. Given their findings, officers informed the crew that they were being detained for carrying a prohibited weapon. They were transferred to the Quintana Roo Police facilities.