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Cancun goes for more Blue Flag beaches

Cancun, Q.R. — The municipality of Benito Juárez will work toward adding another two or three beaches to its list of Blue Flag certified.

Vagner Elbiorn Vega, general director of the Federal Maritime Land Zone (Zofemat) says the municipal administration has set a goal of obtaining Blue Flag certification for two or three more beaches in addition to the seven that already qualify.

He says that recent beach cleans have resulted in the collection of a lot of garbage in areas such as El Pueblito, which is somewhat abandoned. He added that large amounts of garbage have been continually collected in the coastal dune in particular, and that cigarette butts continue to be the largest form of garbage collected from all public beach areas.

“We have to realize that the planet is at a point where the wonders we have are at great risk. Cigarette butts are worrisome because if they go to the sea, the fish eat them and die,” he said.

“We have a good amount of trash cans, many donated by hoteliers, and you have to use them. For the high season, we have bought more and will have 150 on the seven Blue Flag beaches,” he added.