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CancUnidos donate medical supplies for Cancun clinics

Cancun, Q.R. — Through a social network fundraising campaign, food and protective medical equipment was donated for use in the three Cancun medical establishments.

The donations came from CancUnidos, a non-partisan collective, with no other purpose than to help in these times of extreme need. Materials donated included boxes of intubations, medical kits and food pantries for security and cleaning personnel.

Aline Novelo Trello, director of CancUnido said “we have received donations from a cake, to money, with which we have purchased this equipment,” she said adding that they have also delivered masks to public ministry personnel, as well as boots, gloves, caps and masks to paramedics.

“We know that we will not be able to cover everything, but it is support. It is raising awareness together in this time of crisis,” she said. “If the doctors win, we all win.”

The medical supplies will be distributed to the Jesús Kumate Díaz General Hospital of Cancun along with two of the city’s main IMSS clinics to help take care of COVID-19 patients.