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Belligerent neighbor accused of assault with a machete

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Police from the Secretariat of Public Security of Solidaridad assured a subject accused of assaulting and injuring two people with a machete.

The incident happened in the Colosio neighborhood Wednesday morning on 102 Street and 40th Avenue. When elements of the Preventive Police responded to the call for help, two people pointed out a subject who they said was attacking them with a machete.

Officers approached the home of 29-year-old Santiago “N” from Tabasco, making him aware of the accusations against him. However, in their statement, police say Santiago “N” adopted an aggressive attitude.

According to the police report, the man hit a door that sent wood splinters in the direction of officers. He then opened the nozzle of his LP gas tank and threatened them. Police responded by requesting assistance of PDC firemen and Civil Protection.

After their arrival, police say they managed to secure the subject and the machete.

One of the victims, who made the report, was injured and received medical assistance at the scene.