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Belize police find another burned plane along Mexican border

Monkey River, Belize — Police in Belize have reported the finding of a white Cessna plane in Monkey River near the Quintana Roo border.

Authorities say the plane was discovered completely abandoned around 3:00 a.m. without crew or any type of cargo. They say the only items found were LED lights, tape and cartridges belonging to AK-47 (goat horns) and R-15 weapons.

Belizean Police are investigating the possible cause of the crash with the likeliness it was intentionally set ablaze to destroy it after it landed on a clandestine roadway. Police say they are also looking into whether illegal substances were transported inside the aircraft, given in recent weeks, there have been other planes found transporting drugs in the area.

Due to the condition of the plane, authorities said it has not been possible to identify its registration. The wreckage remains in the custody of the Belizean Army.