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Authorities working on Tulum airport transport rate proposal for summertime travel

Tulum, Q.R. — Work is being done to improve the public transportation situation at the Tulum International Airport. Sergio González Rubiera, President of the Mexican Association of Inbound Travel Agencies (Amatur) says there appears to be progress at the Tulum airport in relation to rates.

He says both sides are working on proposals regarding the rates applied to tourist transport providers from the airport. The high rates being charged by the airport has resulted in excessive fees being passed on to travelers.

González Rubiera says the monthly fees charged to public transport drivers such as taxis to provide their service to and from the Tulum airport is excessive compared to Cancun.

The airport has been under fire since is began operating in December due to the excessively high rates for private transportation. While travelers can take buses for a less than a couple hundred pesos, taxi drivers are charging thousands.

Tourists traveling from the Tulum Airport to the Tulum Hotel Zone are charged just over 1,500 pesos.

Sergio González says there is progress in talks between those involved and that they are waiting for the proposal to be approved by the Airport Administration Council. A meeting has been scheduled for the week of June 16, at which time, the proposal could be approved and transport rates adjusted in time for summertime travel.

Current transportation rates out of the Tulum airport are excessive due to airport fees.

“By summer there could be a competitive rate in Tulum, which is growing more every day with airport connections, so this is very important,” he said.