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Around 8,600 meters of sargassum barriers being placed off Quintana Roo coast

Riviera Maya, Q.R. — The Secretary of the Navy says 8,600 meters of anti-sargassum barriers are being placed off Quintana Roo beaches. As of April 1, anchor work was started off the coast where the barriers will be placed.

On Tuesday morning during the Presidential press conference, Secretary of the Navy Rafael Ojeda Durán said their sargassum efforts began April 1. For the 2024 sargassum season, the state of Quintana Roo will have four beach sweepers, 22 small vessels, 11 sargaceras collectors, a sargacero ocean vessel and eight amphibious bands to compact the sargassum.

He also reported a total of 8,600 meters of anti-sargassum barriers will be placed off the coasts.

“Regarding Operation Sargasso, it began on April 1. We have four sweepers, 22 small vessels, 11 sargaceras, a sargacero ocean vessel, eight compacting band machines and barriers.

“We have 8,600 meters of barriers. The barriers have already been planted on different beaches. What has accumulated so far is 950 tons,” reported Rafael Ojeda Durán.

Beach sweepers will be used again this year to remove sargassum. Photo: Ayuntamiento de Puerto Morelos

To date, 950 tons has already been collected, however, he says that through monitoring, they are expecting approximately 125 tons of sargassum to begin landing on the coast in coming days.

He says sea monitoring shows the mass moving in the Caribbean Sea toward the Yucatan Channel.

Manual cleaning will also accompany the at-sea and beach sweeping efforts to ensure clear beach areas.
Photo: Ayuntamiento de Puerto Morelos

Last week, the Secretary of the Navy started anchor work off the coast of Mahahaul. This year, approximately 1,450 meters of barrier will be placed north to south as well as an additional 500 meters of refurbished mesh from last year. That mesh will be placed along Mahahual according to the sargassum impact in previous years.