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More linear meters of sargassum barrier confirmed for Mahahual

Mahahual, Q.R. — Authorities in Mahahual have confirmed the installation of more linear meters of sargassum barriers of its coast.

Raúl Andrade Angulo, President of the Asociación de Hoteles del Centro y Sur de Quintana Roo, reported that during a recent meeting with the Ministry of the Navy, state officials and local Mahahual businessmen, an agreement was reached to optimize both material and human resources.

“We had been requesting to meet with authorities of both the Navy Secretariat and the state government to propose modifying some points where the anti-sargassum barrier is placed year after year.

“Our goal is that there be better results and that the impact is lessened because of the experience we have had in past years. The meeting finally happened a few days ago and the most notable thing is that the navy agreed to work on a new strategy to optimize material and human resources and that the anchorages are made where there is more sargassum.”

He explained that taking into account previous experience, this season, local businesses recommended 1,450 meters of barrier from north to south.

In addition, the government will allow them to repair (old mesh from last year) and install another 500 meters of barrier where deemed appropriate. The additional 500 meters will be placed according to the sargassum impact in previous years.

More linear meters of sargassum barrier confirmed for Mahahual
Old mesh will be repaired and placed in the sea, adding another 500 meters of protection. Photo: April 12, 2024.

“It was agreed that the business sector repair and rescue another 500 meters of barrier so that it can be installed where it is considered most convenient, based on the impacts that sargassum has had in previous years.

“These are 20 meter sections. A minimum of one anchor is needed for every 10 meters of barrier so we are going to try to join forces to repair the mesh because in the end the benefits will be for us.”

The group met recently to discuss more sargassum barriers for the coast of Mahahual. Photo: April 12, 2024.

Andrade Angulo commented that navy authorities said that for 2025, an additional 300 meters of barrier will be extended to the south to protect other hotels and restaurants “and they will be able to join forces to support the repair of the barrier and/or location of the anchors,” he said.

He highlighted the importance of coordinated work this season so that the installation of the sargassum barriers in Mahahual fulfills its purpose.