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Argentina police arrest man believed responsible for killing of kidnapped Mexican woman

Buenos Aires, Argentina — On Tuesday, Federal Police in Argentina announced the arrest of Ivan Silvio Gabriel Pisacco, who they believe, was involved in the kidnapping and murder of Silvia Vargas Escalera, daughter of a prominent Mexican businessman.

Vargas Escalera was kidnapped in 2007 in Mexico, and after 15 months of searching, her body was found. At the time, the kidnappers asked the Vargas family for $3 million USD for her freedom.

According to Argentinian sources, the arrest by la Policía Federal Argentina occurred when agents approached Pisacco while walking on a public roadway just two blocks from the headquarters of the Argentine Federal Police in the Monserrat neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

Argentine authorities reported that 49-year-old Gabriel Pisacco “was made available to justice for illegal deprivation of liberty in the form of kidnapping and organized crime.” He is believed to be part of the Los Rojos gang in Buenos Aires who have been accused of committing 25 kidnappings in Mexico.