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An attempt to avoid ferry security leads to Cozumel arrest

Cozumel, Q.R. — A man who tried to avoid passing through the security detectors at the San Miguel ferry crossing to Playa del Carmen was arrested when he was found carrying a weapon.

The 28-year-old male fled the area when the avoidance of the detectors still gave him away. Police chased him down and captured him several streets from the ferry terminal. Abraham A.L.P. was taken into custody after police found him carrying a gun.

The incident happened when the man tried to avoid the x-ray by passing his bag around the metal detector, however, the gun was still picked up by security detection. When the alarm sounded, on-site security guards attempted to physically check the bag, but the man fled with the bag in hand.

The incident was seen by several witnesses who were able to point in the direction of the fleeing gunman. Police arrested him inside an apartment building on Calle 4.

The detainee, Abraham A.L.P. was transferred to Playa del Carmen before the Attorney General’s Office for the possession of a firearm exclusively for army use.