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AMLO says Mexico has Internet budget for CFE to connect entire country

Mexico City, Mexico — President Andrés Manuel López Obrador affirmed that the budget for the execution of the internet connection plan in the country is guaranteed.

“We already have the budget, there is no problem. When there is no corruption, the budget reaches and yields, then we go forward,” he explained from his press conference in Cosoleacaque, Veracruz.

A total of 407 antennas will be installed in the eastern region: 224 in Veracruz, 156 in Puebla and 27 in Tlaxcala. They will benefit more than 1.2 million residents in those communities.

During the event Enlightening and Communicating Internet for All in Mexico, AMLO met with workers from the Federal Electricity Commission. At the meeting, he said that digital inclusion and access to the Internet will mean a fundamental change that will in turn, promote education and health in the most remote communities.

“We want everyone to have access to the internet because it is going to be a revolution within the framework of the revolution of consciences; we are doing many things, but the most important thing that is being done is the change of mentality,” he explained.

The State, he said, fulfills its social responsibility.

“It has to take care of guaranteeing the fundamental rights of the people: the right to a fair salary, to work, to education, to health, to basic services such as electricity, water and now the internet, which is also a right. This is how it is conceived worldwide,” he stressed.

He recalled that the Internet and mobile telephony are currently concentrated in cities and that the Government of Mexico is working to close those gaps and offer better connectivity.

“It (CFE) is a national company for the benefit of our people, therefore, we are going to fulfill this task of connecting the country with the Internet,” he said. Last month, AMLO announced a 30 billion peso project that would see Mexico’s CFE fill the connectivity gap by offering internet in remote areas that are not already covered.