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AMLO reports on 30 billion peso project to ensure Internet in all of Mexico

Mexico City, Mexico — President Andrés Manuel López Obrador says advancements are being made to have Internet and mobile services in all areas of the country. During his morning press conference, López Obrador said the project is moving forward thanks to CFE workers and the Altán Redes company.

He said his government is working on the assembly of 5,000 antennas that will be placed throughout the country to expand coverage.

“We are going to invest in the installation of 5,000 antennas throughout the country to expand the coverage of Altán. An agreement is being reached between the Federal Electricity Commission and Altán to use this infrastructure,” he said.

The President explained that the CFE system and fiber optics will be used to take the Altán network to remote areas of the country and that a range of 80 percent is estimated on the national network. The Federal Electricity Commission will be in charge of providing service to consumers.

“Altán will continue to be a non-profit joint venture (…) it is going to be a great revolution, something exceptional that in all the towns of Mexico, the schools can have an Internet signal,” he said.

He explained that at least 25 million seniors around the country will also benefit from the coverage by being able to access their finances online and not having to travel long distances to do in-person banking.