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CFE now offers Internet and mobile phone services to disconnected areas in all 32 states

Mexico City, Mexico — Mexico’s Comisión Federal de Electricidad (CFE) now offers both Internet and mobile phone services. The CFE launched their new Internet para Todos services earlier this week that will see non-serviced areas finally serviced.

The state-owned electricity company said its goal is to reduce the digital divide in disconnected communities. The new CFE Internet and mobile service is supported by the Altán Redes Shared Network via a virtual mobile operator (MVNO) since they do not have their own wireless network.

People who use the 4.5G technology service can do so with national coverage and without a contract plan. CFE will offer easy payment methods where customers can top-up their services online or in some brick and mortar shops. They also offer prepaid annual and semi-annual plans.

According to the CFE, its network will cover the great need for national connectivity, a goal recently announced by the Government of Mexico. CFE will cover areas that others Internet and mobile service providers do not.

“Our network covers the need for connectivity at the national level, reducing the digital divide between disconnected communities and bringing quality communications to every corner of the country,” reports the company.

The Federal Electricity Commission says through its subsidiary CFE Telecomunicaciones, Internet para Todos, will offer internet and mobile telephone services in all 32 states.

Earlier this month, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced the investment of 30 billion peso in infrastructure and internet installation to bring the service to the entire country.