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Air conditioner altercation gets Cancun bus driver fired

Cancun, Q.R. — A Cancun bus driver was fired Thursday after a Wednesday altercation with bus passengers. The unnamed bus driver was videoed by a passenger arguing with a woman who requested the air conditioning be turned on.

In the minute-long video, the woman asks the driver to turn on the air conditioning due to a full bus and hot temperatures, however, the driver refused. Another passenger videoed the driver arguing with her before getting off the bus, leaving passengers to sit in the stifling heat.

On Thursday night, Autocar, the company who runs the buses and employed the driver, announced his departure. The driver was driving one of the new 100 buses put into operation around Cancun earlier this week.

Through a brief statement, the public transportation company Autocar said the decision to fire him was made since “safety and respect for users are absolute priorities.”

The incident happened on bus 888 along a section of route 2 around 3:00 p.m. as the bus was heading toward the Cancun Hotel Zone.

In an official statement, Autocar reported “after the altercation with passengers on unit 888 of Route 2 Torito, the decision has been made to terminate the operator involved. His behavior does not reflect the values or standard of service that the company strives to offer.

“We always seek to provide a quality service to users of public transportation in the city. We hope that our decision will bring with it a benefit for all the citizens of Benito Juarez. In the same way, we will be attentive to our other collaborators so that this type of inconvenience is does not happen again.”