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After 14 months of pandemic, Mexico City finally advances to yellow

Mexico City, Mexico — As of May 10, Mexico City will advance to a yellow epidemiological light for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic. After finally registering a decrease in covid infections, the city will move forward, announced the government of Claudia Sheinbuam Friday.

In a press video conference, Eduardo Clark, director of the Government Digital Agency for Public Innovation reported that indicators continue to show a decrease in covid infections and hospitalizations in the capital city.

“For the first time during the entire pandemic, since the epidemiological light has been in effect, we moved to a yellow light in Mexico City derived from continuous improvements that we have seen since the second week of January to date,” said Clark.

The change of color in the risk-of-contagion came 14 months after the first detected case. The first confirmed case in Mexico City was on February 28, 2020. From then until now, the capital had only been in the colors red and orange.

In a yellow light, most businesses can operate at a 60 percent occupancy rate, an increase from the 30 percent allowed under an orange epidemiological light. According to Clark, as of Thursday’s cutoff, the city has seen a 15 percent reduction in covid-related hospitalizations over the week before.