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Acapulco, Zihuatanejo remain shut with no reactivation date in site

Acapulco, Guerrero — Guerrero’s governor Héctor Astudillo Flores says all beaches around the state will remain closed, while all tourist and recreational activities will continue to be suspended due to the health emergency of COVID-19.

He says the additional suspension is due to the high rate of contagion that Acapulco is registering. According to estimates by epidemiology authorities, a complicated week is ahead with the peak expected between June 15 and 21.

Acapulco mayor Adela Román says while they continue with a red epidemiological traffic light, the city will expand and reinforce prevention measures.

With that, the director of Centro de Atención y Protección a Turistas de Acapulco, Jondalar Castillo Ledezma, is urging the population to remain in voluntary confinement and avoid going out into public spaces so as not to expose themselves to the deadly virus.

He says that security efforts will be doubled along different beaches of the port to raise awareness among the people and ensure that they comply with the preventive measures because the recess of productive activities is to take care of our health, not vacation.

“We will continue working every day inviting people to stay at home, to apply the healthy distance. Unfortunately throughout this pandemic, we have realized that a large part of society has not followed the recommendations,” he said adding that both residents and tourists have been entering beaches and swimming.

The governor noted that as long as the Covid-19 traffic light remains red in Guerrero, there are no conditions to restart hotel activity in any of the destinations including Taxco, Zihuatanejo and Acapulco, despite the fact that these destinations had already contemplated their reactivation for June 15.

Héctor Astudillo Flores emphasized that due to the number of infections and the latent risk of Covid-19 spreading, there is no exact date for the reopening.