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150 surveillance cameras earmarked for Tulum

Tulum, Q.R. — In order to guarantee the safety of those in the municipality of Tulum, 150 video surveillance cameras will be placed along main roadways, says Mayor Victor Mas Tah.

Mas Tah added that during the first months of 2020, the Tulum system will be consolidated with the Center for Command, Control, Communication and Computing (C-4) center. He explained that the equipment is being placed on the main roads while the necessary tests are carried out and the training of the personnel who will be in charge of operating them from the command center.

He says that 130 cameras will be place by Tulum City Council and 20 by the state government. Once in place, the municipality will be in constant communication with public security authorities.

“The goal is that during the first quarter of next year, we will already have a consolidated C-4 and have the entire network of video surveillance cameras in the municipal seat, which will be equipped with high-level technology and with it, guarantee the safety of the inhabitants of the municipality as well as national and foreign tourists,” he explained.

Víctor Mas Tah said that the municipal administration will invest 47 million peso to implement the command center system as well as the installation of the entire network.