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15-million-peso roadway project announced for Chetumal

Chetumal, Q.R. — A 15-million-peso roadway project has been announced for the city of Chetumal. The money will be used to meet a long-standing citizen demand, which is the expansion of Maxuxac Avenue, reported Governor Mara Lezama.

The road is the second most important road network in the state’s capital city. Maxuxac Avenue is a main road where a high volume of vehicles and people pass through on a daily basis.

Its connection with Calzada Centenario will serve the people who live in the Proterritorio, Arboledas, Santa María, Pacto Obrero, Villas Oxtankah neighborhoods, among others.

The head of Public Works, Irazú Sarabia, who will be responsible for executing the project, specified that the extension of Maxuxac Avenue will consist or four lanes with curbs and sidewalks, public lighting and traffic lights. In this section there will also be an 840-square-meter paved bicycle path.

The resources used are through the Strategic Projects Agency (AGEPROO) and responds to a need of the people of Chetumal, Lezama added.

“We promised to restore the shine to the capital and we are doing it in an orderly manner, putting public resources where they are most needed and with the support of businessmen who have joined the transformation of the state and who have donated part of their land to complete this avenue,” she said.