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12 Tamaulipas officers arrested for the execution of 19 found in burned car

Camargo, Tamaulipas — To date, 12 police officers have been arrested for their alleged involvement in the death of 19 people. The deceased were discovered executed and burned, some beyond recognition, in a car in Camargo, Tamaulipas in late January.

“In the events that occurred on January 22, at least 12 elements of the state police participated, for which reason an arrest warrant was requested and obtained from a state control judge for the probable commission of the following crimes: Qualified homicide, abuse of authority, performance of administrative functions and falsehood in reports given to an authority, ”said Irving Barrios Mojica, head of the ministerial unit.

According to the Tamaulipas prosecutor’s office, those arrest warrants have already been completed. The warrant contained the names of 11 men and one woman.

Part of their investigation reports an altered crime scene with 150 bullet holes being counted in the car, yet only a handful of spent shell casings were found. The Prosecutor’s Office also noted contradictions in the police report after interviewing officers who had knowledge of the facts.

Of those found inside the calcified car, only four of the men and woman have been identified, two of which were Mexican nationals and two, Guatemalan migrants. Authorities have not provided any possible motive for the killings.