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Woman crushed in car after repaired overpass collapses

San Luis Potosí, Mexico — One dead and at least four injured workers was the balance of the collapse of a vehicular highway bridge connecting the states of San Luis Potosí and Tamaulipas.

The collapse of the Cerritos-Tula bridge happened on the so-called super highway 101 Thursday afternoon. According to San Luis Potosí state authorities, the trapped motorists reported the collapse of the Cerritos-Tula bridge at the Huizache-Antiguo Morelos junction of the 101 highway.

Civil Protection personnel from San Luis Potosí and the National Guard arrived at the collapse and closed the road. On site, authorities located one woman who was trapped inside her vehicle. She was crushed between two pieces of concrete.

Four workers from Constructora Quid SA de CV who were working in the area at the time, were injured.

On July 9, the collapsed section was closed after heavy rains caused extensive cracking of the asphalt, which collapsed due to the softening. However, four days later, it was reopened after repairs by the Quid construction company, who are in charge of maintaining that section.