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Veracruz pair jailed after PDC police find 55,000 in cash

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Two Veracruz men landed themselves in custody Tuesday after being found with more than 55,000 in cash. Arresting officers also found them in possession of narcotics.

Police from the Secretariat of Public Security of Solidaridad seized two subjects in possession of narcotics and more than 55,000 pesos in cash during the implementation of surveillance rounds.

Traffic police carrying out preventive patrols on the federal highway stopped a car at kilometer 283, where they observed a Volkswagen Virtus being driven recklessly. The vehicle was pulled over and inspected.

Josue “N”, 33, and Edwin “N”, 31, both from Veracruz, were taken into custody after police found three packages of crystal and the amount of 55,550 pesos in cash inside their vehicle.