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Van driver serious after slamming into back of water truck outside Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The driver of a tourist transport van was rushed to Playa del Carmen hospital Monday in serious condition. The unnamed male driver was taken to hospital after colliding with the back of a water truck.

The water truck was slow-moving along the highway median Monday morning while watering municipal grass and trees. The driver of the van slammed into the back of the slow-moving vehicle, completely destroying his own.

The accident happened near the north Playa del Carmen police filter. According to early information, the driver of the van was heading toward Playa del Carmen when he hit the back of the truck at  highway speed.

The impact caused his van to bounce off the water truck and into the front end of a passing cargo truck. Due to the size of that truck, it suffered only minor front end damage.

A team of emergency services quickly arrived at the site where they found three damaged vehicles. The driver of the van is reported to have been the only person injured.