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Unclaimed cheques gets Houston passenger arrested inside Cancun International

Cancun, Q.R. — For the second time in as many days, another arrest at Cancun International was made for undeclared money. On Saturday, a man arriving from Houston was detained by National Guard inside the Cancun airport after being found with more than $39,000 in unclaimed cheques.

According to a statement from the Secretaría de Seguridad and Protección Ciudadana (SSPC), personnel from the National Customs Agency of Mexico found the 10 cheques during a luggage inspection. The unnamed man’s luggage was routinely checked after he entered the “nothing to declare” lane inside the airport.

During the review, Mexican Customs personnel found 10 checks with a total value of  $39,349 USD, which is legally considered paper money since cheques are issued by banks. The unidentified man, who had arrived to Cancun on a Houston flight, was taken into custody for failing to declare the money before tax authorities.

“The value of the cheques exceeds the limit allowed by the Tax Administration Service (SAT) of Mexico to enter national territory without declaring, and thereby violating Article 9 of the Customs Law, a situation for which he was arrested,” the SSPC reported.

Last week, a man arriving from Miami was detained inside the Cancun International Airport after Mexican Customs found “wads” of $100-dollar bills inside his hand luggage. He was found trying to enter Mexico with $32,400 USD in cash.