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Two missing Cozumel fishermen safe after swimming to land

Cozumel, Q.R. — The two fishermen reported missing after a dive on Cozumel were found safe and sound the next day after they both managed to swim to shore.

Exhausted, but in good health, fishermen Maximiliano and Alfonso said they managed to swim toward where they knew there was land. The two became lost Thursday while diving on Isla de la Pasión from vessel Susy II.

Their companions called 911, reporting them as missing, which is when naval search and rescue activated their protocols in an operation that lasted all night. However, they came up empty handed in the whereabouts of the two men.

It was Friday morning when Maximiliano and Alfonso were discovered, saying they managed to swim to shore, landing along the east coast of the island where they were found. They explained that although they were completely engulfed by darkness, they focused on staying together at all times and headed where they knew there was land.

Both men were assessed by medical staff, but determined to be in good health, neither requiring hospitalization. They were returned to their families. Maximiliano’s mother said she never lost hope when learning her son was one of the two lost fishermen.