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Two restaurant managers killed after birthday present explodes

Salamanca, Guanajuato — A man and woman who delivered a birthday box to the manger of a restaurant remain in serious condition in hospital, while two others are dead. On Sunday, the pair were asked to deliver a boxed birthday present to the manager of the Barra 1604 restaurant in the city of Salamanca.

The pair arrived on a motorcycle and delivered the package as requested. Two of the restaurant managers met the pair outside. Upon opening the box, it exploded killing both of the managers and injuring the two who delivered it.

Sophia Huett Lopez, Executive Secretary of the State Public Security System of the State of Guanajuato said that the pair did not know they were delivering a bomb.

On Sunday afternoon, the managers of the Barra 1604 restaurant, Mario Alberto Hernández Cárdenas and Mauricio Salvador Romero Morales were killed in the attack after the box exploded. Both died on the road outside the establishment where Mario Alberto opened the box which he was told, was a birthday gift.

“They picked up the package in a different neighborhood with the request to deliver it to the restaurant, apparently with the specific indication to deliver it outside,” explained Lopez noting that there were no records of threats or extortion against the restaurant or its owners.

Guanajuato authorities have begun an investigation. “This is an unprecedented terrorist attack in the state, which undoubtedly raises the level of violence that we have experienced,” said the state governor, Diego Sinhue Rodríguez in an interview with media on Monday, adding that organized crime has not been ruled out.