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Two killed after out-of-control bus crushes cars

Veracruz, Mexico — Two people were left dead and at least 14 others left injured after a passenger bus approached a toll booth at full speed. The bus, which is said to have lost its brakes, slammed full highway speed into several cars that were waiting in line.

Other vehicles that became involved in the accident were parked on the other side of the booth. The accident left eight of the 14 in serious condition, reported the Ministry of Civil Protection of Veracruz.

The two killed were trapped in a car after it was crushed by the bus. One person is reported to have died on scene, and the second, later in hospital.

The accident occurred around 9:30 a.m. when the bus apparently ran out of brakes and destroyed two taxis, a pickup truck, and two private cars, one of which was crushed by the bus killing its two occupants.

Motorists rushed to both sides of the bus and began trying to help break windows as the passengers inside scrambled to jump out. The crash caused two hit cars to catch fire. While efforts were made to assist passengers in getting out, others rushed with fire extinguishers, buckets and hoses to douse the two burning cars, which were lodged in the motor of the bus.

The bus was apparently returning from Puebla with a load of merchants at the time of the accident. Civil Protection Secretariat closed the road for more than two hours while they worked to remove the injured and the vehicles.