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Two French exchange students repatriated from Mexico after defaming flag and countrymen

Leon, Guanajuato — Two French exchange students are being repatriated from Mexico for defaming the country. The two males have been told to leave Mexico after posting defamatory remarks and photos online.

The two men are part of an exchange program at La Salle Bajío University in Leon in the state of Guanajuato. They were expelled from the University after posting a photo of one of the men with his legs wrapped in a Mexican flag while using the toilet.

The photo was accompanied by an online social media post by Frenchman Maxime N, where they then refer to Mexicans as “indigenous”. A board found their photo and comment offending to both the Mexican flag and its people.

The two exchange students have since apologized with a social media statement.

“This message is to apologize for what happened, the photos of my friend on Instagram were very clumsy on our part. I received many messages on Instagram and I can’t blame you, but I promise you that our goal was not to offend you.

“We chose Mexico to go on an exchange because we wanted to discover this country and we really enjoyed it. Our intention was never to disrespect you and your country. We talked to the administration and explained what we did and that we regret what we have done. We’re really sorry,” the post read.

Although they did apologize, the University condemned their actions.

“As a Lasallian University, coexistence in harmony and respect for others is a priority and in our Community there can be no room for expressions that imply any degree of discrimination, racism or intolerance,” the university said in a statement.

The Universidad De La Salle Bajío reported that a large group of French students who did not participate in these acts of disrespect for the country’s national symbols are currently on an international exchange at its educational campus and therefore deserve to be treated with the same cordiality with which we treat the rest of our visitors, they explained.

The University added that both French students will be repatriated to their university of origin shortly where they will be fined.