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Two extradited to face murder charges in California court

Mexico City, Mexico — The Attorney General’s Office of the Republic (FGR) has extradited two people of Mexican nationality to answer for crimes in a California court.

According to the FGE, José “B” was wanted in Rivierside County by the Superior Court of California for attempted premeditated homicide, injury with a deadly weapon and deliberately inflicting bodily injuries.

He became a suspect in the attempted murder case after, in September of 2014, he attacked his ex-partner with a machete and a kitchen knife, causing several wounds and cuts on her body.

The FGR has also extradited Lorenzo “C”, who was wanted by the Superior Court for California in a 2001 homicide. According to the FGR, Lorenzo “C” is reported to have inflicted multiple injuries to the neck and chest of a woman with a knife, killing her.

He was wanted in the state of California for murder as well as use of a deadly and dangerous instrument.