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Tulum City Council approves six infrastructure projects for four towns

Tulum, Q.R. — The City Council of Tulum has approved six new projects in four of the town’s municipalities. On Thursday, Municipal Mayor Diego Castañón Trejo approved the carrying out of six new infrastructure projects.

During the City Council meeting, councilors agreed to include the six projects in the catalog of budgeted works for Fiscal Year 2023 to “comply with the demands and infrastructure needs required by the inhabitants of the Municipality of Tulum.”

The cost for the six projects total around 21.4 million pesos and includes construction of the Arcotecho Structure in the town of Sahcabmucuy and another in Akumal. The cost also includes the first stage of adding electricity and lights to the walkway of the sports unit in the town of Tulum, as well as the construction of sidewalks and paving of streets in the town of Francisco Uh May.

The 21.4 million will also be spent on the rehabilitation of the perimeter fence of the park in the town of Javier Rojo Gómez (Punta Allen) and rehabilitation of the access road to Punta Allen.

The money will come from the municipaliyt itself. All construction will be done “with resources from the Own Resources Financing Fund corresponding to the remainder of the year 2022, as indicated by the Law of Financial Discipline of the Federal Entities and Municipalities.”

On Thursday, coucillors also approved 6.8 million for the Comprehensive Sanitation Service of the Coastal Zone of the Sian Ka’an Biosphere. Those resources are from the 2022 remnants of ZOFEMAT.

In matters of public security, City Council approved to allocate 4.9 million pesos to the project Construction of Public Security Control Arches in the City of Tulum thanks to budget savings in FORTAMUNDF.