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Tulum AMPI reports 300 new real estate developments for 2023

Tulum, Q.R. — AMPI Tulum President says during 2023, there will be around 300 new developments in the municipality. Luis Francisco Reyna Gómez, President of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI) Tulum says a majority of those developments will be for residential and commercial rentals.

He explained that there are currently several real estate projects under construction, while others are in the process of immediate delivery and some still in the pre-sale process.

“There really is a very wide variety in delivery dates and types of developments, including commercial but mostly residential,” he said.

Reyna Gómez recognized that in the Tulum, the real estate industry is a changing market and they hope that the investments will continue.

“It is very ambiguous. I think that every year in Tulum is different and at every moment, we as real estate agents, see that the market is changing and new things are coming. We forecast that the municipality will have a similar pace to 2022 in the matter of real estate projects,” he said.

The Tulum AMPI head said that 2023 has a lot of potential for growth. He also mentioned the Maya Train and new airport project will generate a boost in demand for both long term and vacation rentals.

“Obviously I recognize these projects that are being carried out because the offer in Tulum is growing and we know that the main intention is to also grow vacation rentals and long-term rentals, so hand-in-hand with these projects such as the Tren Maya and the airport, involve Tulum in the category that I think it deserves because it is a first-class tourist destination with a lot of potential to increase demand,” he said.