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Traveling Cozumel without plates gets pair jailed on drug charges

Cozumel, Q.R. — Cozumel police have jailed two men on possession of narcotics. The pair were jailed after they were stopped by island officers and searched. The search happened around 8:20 p.m. when their motorcycle was chased and intercepted after ignoring three requests to stop.

Police Cozumel said the bike was pulled over for traveling without license plates. The driver was requested to pull over three times, requests he ignored which lead to a chase that ended on 6th street between 120 and 125 Avenues.

“Upon descending from the unit, the police officers proceeded to tell the two subjects on the motorcycle the reason for which they were being detained, likewise they requested a search of their person and vehicle,” police explained.

Several types of nartcotis were found in small transparent bags between their clothes and inside the motorcycle. During their search, police located varying amounts of marijuana, crack cocaine, crystal meth and powedered cocaine.

Jailed was the 18-year-old driver G.I.B.M. and his 20-year-old passenger identified as H.A.E.P.