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Three murder suspects detained in Cancun police operation

Cancun, Q.R. — Cancun police captured three heavily armed men in a search operation Wednesday morning. On Thursday, local authorities announced the arrests of Iván de Jesús “N”, José de Jesús “N” and Henry Alí “N” who were captured during the search on Huayacán Avenue.

Inside the home police located a variety of narcotics and nine weapons. The search was made in relation to a murder investigation. According to the State Attorney General, the search was carried out in coordination with the Secretariat of Citizen Security where they seized nine long weapons and substances of different drugs.

“At the scene, the participating agents also found useful cartridges of various calibers, as well as documents, which were made available to the Public Ministry in order to integrate them into the respective investigation,” they reported.

The three men were taken into legal custody on arrest warrants, “one of them for their probable participation in the crime of qualified homicide to the detriment of a victim whose identity is withheld,” they added.

Nine guns were found inside the home at the time of the search. Photo: FGE April 3, 2024.

“The other two men are identified for their probable participation in the crime of attempted homicide. This procedure was carried out on Huayacán and Colegios de Benito Juárez Avenues where the participating elements fired some deterrent shots in order to prevent the escape of those now detained, ending the operation with the objective achieved.”