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Three Mexicans extradited to U.S. courts to face variety of criminal charges

Mexico City, Mexico — The Attorney General of the Republic (FGR) extradited three people to the Government of the United States to answer for their various crimes.

Carlos “T” has been returned to El Paso, Texas, to face charges of sexual abuse. According to the FGR, “during the time he lived with his partner and their minor children, he took advantage of the fact that they were in his care to sexually assault one of them.”

Carlos “T” was summoned by the Court of the 168th Judicial District for El Paso County, Texas for sexual crimes against a minor.

Isaías “A”, was requested by the Superior Court for King County, Washington, for the crimes of attempted murder, first degree injuries, kidnapping and domestic violence. The FGR explained that during an argument with his former-partner, he wounded her multiple times with a knife and dragged her into an elevator to take her to her apartment with the purpose of killing her.

The third extradition was that of Jennifer “S”, who is also wanted for murder. Jennifer “S” is alleged to have killed someone with a sharp weapon and then burning the body in an attempt to get rid of it.

For these reasons, she was wanted by the Court of the Judicial District 443 of Ellis County, Texas, for the crimes of homicide and alteration of evidence.